Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Minor League Cuts

Big list of guys getting pink slipped by the organization today.

I wish them all well.  Pro ball is hard as hell, its a huge grind, and its an unfair numbers game.

From Hank's Twitter, we have the following names:
Mark Teahen, MLB vet trying to latch on.
Ryan Cavan, UCSB grinder 2B who was drafted in the 16th round 2009.
Stephen Branca, undrafted FA signing who was grinding in the middle infield.
Joseph Rapp, one of the older Louisiana-Monroe draftees from 2012, 28th round, 1B Righty bat.
Shayne Houck, drafted right after Rapp in 2012, 3B/OF from Kutztown, PA.  Houck is one of my favorite sleepers.
Cristian Otero, PR Yoot SS from the 2011 draft, 18th round.  The Giants went with several Puerto Rican youths in this draft, they have now cut Otero and Jean Delgado (8th).  There is a guy drafted in between named Law who is doing pretty well.
Christian Diaz, the third PR Yoot, a OF, 11th round of the same 2011 draft.
Drew Bowlin RHP from the 23rd round of the 2007 draft.
Justin Schumer, undrafted RHP who grinded for 4 years.
Leo Rojas, Catcher from 2012, 15th round that I just mentioned in my catcher 2014 draft preview, I think the PED suspension really hit hard, the Giants try to steer clear.  But there are also a lot of talent coming into the system from 2013.
Casey Weathers, minor league vet who was trying to latch on, formerly 8th overall draft pick in 2007.
Renzo Frietes, IFA RHP with 4 years grinding.
Paul Davis, RHP drafted 17th round in 2011 draft.

In typical Giant fashion, there is no mention of it on  However, I did find out that Edwin Escobar got optioned to Fresno yesterday.  Looks like Cove Chatter and Giant Potential got Hank to get those names.  Good work lads.

While we're in a transaction mood, BA has the following info:
Darren Ford signed up for a second go-round.
Kickham, Villalona, Brown and Duvall to Fresno
Flores and Strickland to SJ

From they have the Kieschnick/Noonan getting assigned to Fresno as well.  And Jose de Paula.  See, BA isn't always THAT thorough.  

The Giants only have so many spaces, and competition is fierce. 

EDIT: It may not be Leo Rojas, instead Luis Rojas, we'll hold our breath until the Giants put it on the wire.


  1. Rojas looks like a bat-only guy who might have a future, but you're right about the PEDs... that's where my mind went as well. I think Paul Davis was suspended at one point or another as well. Between Rapp, Houck and Branca, there's a good portion of Augusta's offense last year. That will be a very improved team. A little surprised they let Cavan go. I thought he had an infield job in Richmond waiting for him... will have to go back to the drawing board on that one.

    Ford and Tyler Graham have gotten some nice PT this spring, but what the heck are they going to do with so many AAA outfielders?

    1. The Giants specialize in AAA and AAAA OFs. Apparently the Tigers are interested in Nate the Great.

      Here's some Bruce jenkins hot off the press:

      And at the end, its all about Baer summing it up - teams lock up their talent, you have to draft and develop, the free agent market is the dregs. The Creme done got skimmed already.

  2. Surprised at Houck and Davis. They had some sleeper numbers worth watching from last year.

    Still think the Giants need another low-A full season club. Not everyone develops on a hockey stick curve. It's productive to to allow room for slow/late/injured bloomers. Still amazing how rough the cuts are in the MiLB levels. The clock is always ticking.

    Hopefully Voggie doesn't follow his fellow Kutztown'er out the door this year.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Vogey.

      Bobby Evans and maybe a couple of others have expressed frustration about how hard it is to fill in on injuries, and the transaction rules make it so teams have to have some sort of taxi squad of fake injuries. I think teams weigh the cost of that as well when thinking about stocking up another club.

      The Giants have two of the remotest outposts from their home - Augusta and Richmond are way away. A low-A closer to home? Santa Barbara would be a pretty sweet locale...

    2. Yeah, I worry about Vogie too, but I would note a few things in his favor, from my view of things.

      First, he's been very open with the media and the fans. When he was sucking last season, he didn't give any of those well-worn cliches, he opened his heart and groused about himself too. I don't think anyone is harder on him than him, honestly. He said that he felt good. These games sometimes happen even when you feel good.

      Two, look at that game, both teams bats went bat-crazy. We know that Arizona has an offensive environment. The conditions sometimes make hits very easy. We know that sometimes pitchers without the advantage of velocity, who uses their pitching skills to beat batters, are rendered helpless in Arizona (Colorado too). Vogie is that type of pitcher, as the quote somewhere stated, it happens.

      Three, he's been pitching pretty well for the most part this spring, particularly in his prior start when he said he's going back to what he feels most comfortable with.

      However, what I hope happens is that as the fifth starter, they skip a few of his early starts. He has petered out even in his good seasons of 2011-2012 late in the season. I wonder if he can handle a full season, he didn't really do a lot of that in his travels around. So he might have more dead arm than other pitchers.