Thursday, June 6, 2013

Giants draft two HS players with their first two picks

The Monks of MLB struck big time for the opening of the 2013 draft.

First round they picked Christian Arroyo, a R/R SS from Hernando HS in Florida.  Arroyo starred for Team USA under 18, and earned high marks for his leadership and baseball skills.  He is widely regarded as a overdraft, picked at 25 but generally around the 100 range in the various polls.  There were rumors of an pre-draft deal, we will have to see how that one shakes out. 

Gut reaction: I like Arroyo a lot.  I do consider him a overdraft.  Lets see how his wheels turn out, he has low marks for footspeed, which might effect his ability to stick at short.  On a positive note, I love having a Team USA guy, I really wanted one of those guys last year.  He appears to have the hit tool in spades, and that is pretty much the most important one to have as a hitter in baseball.

I think you have to see how the signing shakes out.  How moneys are distributed, who signs what.

On that note, the Giants decided to double down, keeping this blog page clean, I'll hit that after the jump.

So Ryder Jones.  If Arroyo was an overdraft at 25, consensus 100, Jones just doubled down.  At 64, he was generally not on any radars, BA has him at 197.  My guys at BLF have him at 198.  Perfect Game has him a little higher, 139 overall.  Want to be cheered up about this pick?  OK, here it is: Gatorade player of the year for North Carolina.  NC Gatorade Link

Stanford commit.  Those are tricky, but if the Giants put their marker in that early, I can't see it being a problem.  So this is a tad mysterious.  What does it take to buy these two yoots out, and is there anything leftover to get more yoots?

Staying positive, I think the college class just wasn't good this year, so the Giants are going off the reservation.  I guess I might ask, do we really have a good feel for every prep guy in the nation?  You have the showcase/bonus babies, and then its very subjective.  Both players have some major achievements riding on their belt, and they both seem to be high IQ guys. 

That's all I have right now.  Jones definitely has power potential, and apparently the Giants are saying 3B not the bump.

And I'd say lets see what happens tomorrow with the 3-10, that should be interesting.  The Monks of MLB threw down quite a curve. 


Check the Team USA story in BA: Team USA Rules!

And then check this line:  “When Coach Brosius told us we had a chance to get back in there we were pumped.”

And then remember all the ex-Yanks populating the Greybeards ranks.

And then picture the conversation between Brosius and a Greybeard... "I'm telling you, this kid is special, you need to draft him NOW"

The Giants didn't want to risk losing out on him before their 6-4. 

OK, so its an overdraft.  But they might have a pretty interesting bat.  What about their other overdraft?  Well, you need to strike quick, by 101 you're down to 500K slot, and then it is getting dicey on the Stanford commit.  

What will they do in the third?  Do they continue on their slash of slow obscure white boys?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Will the Thrill had a look on his face of "You guys sent me all the way to New Jersey to draft these mooks?"   

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