Friday, July 8, 2016

The Sleeper System Gets Some Noise

BA came out with their top 100 midseason and wouldn't you know... 5 Gigantes are rocking that thing.  In order:
50.  Phil Bickford
Knee Jerk Reaction: Too low!  But there is a lot of love for Bickford at BA, JJ Cooper says it's the best fastball in the minors.  Can't wait for the futures game on Sunday.
56.  Christian Arroyo
Knee Jerk Reaction: Giants love him too much to give him up!  I says go get Andrew Miller!  (Hey, for the record I wanted Andrew Miller back when he was just another failed top 30 prospect and I got mocked for it a little!)
81.  Tyler Beede
Knee Jerk Reaction: go look at #95 on the list!  Beede is growing on everybody.  Will he put together the workhorse body with some good juju and mix it all together?  Remember, MLB hitters square the heck out of premium velocity.  The bird is the word and its all about movement.  And location.  And avoiding location mistakes.
83.  Chris Shaw
Knee Jerk Reaction: I've warmed a lot to Shaw, I didn't like the pick at the time, most likely too obsessed with defensive profile.  They also note the very impressive 2015 class that has sent 3 to AA already.  Yes, that's best in the majors.  From bad draft position.  As a reward for "losing" Pablo Sandoval to FA, Shaw is looking mighty fine.  I would rather trade Arroyo than Shaw personally.
91.  A Mejia
Knee Jerk Reaction: Trade!  Trade!  Workhorse body, what not, but I just don't see a starting pitcher here.  This is a nice bounce back for Mejia of course, and they note the Giants depth in the upper minors.  Well... if you follow Los Gigantes, you aren't surprised at all.

Should there be more?

The yoots!  Lucius Fox isn't hitting enough to draw interest.  But he's there, athlete'in away.  BA talks to more scouts than the saber dudes, so they aren't quite as in love with youth as BP or ESPN. 

Sam Coonrod?  Hey, I think he's right there with Beede.  Would he be in the next 100?  I have to think yes.

Aramis Garcia?  My choice to zoom, he's been injured.  That is always a drag.  There really aren't that many good catchers.  I love the Giants continuing to draft them high.  Speaking of... Is Susac a trade chip at this point?  Inquiring minds want to know! 

That's a helluva top 8 to throw out.  Not that I care except for grousing points... The Giants will be leaving behind their back 10 in the top 30 systems for the early teens methinks. 

The fact that its being built from low draft position is pretty sweet.  Still a sleeper system, but hey you are used to all the hype the Cubs are getting at this point right?  Right?  Looking forward to the Giants getting healthy, trading off some of this farm to go contend for that 4th title, and of course, following all these guys as they struggle through the hardest grind there is to make the show.

Great job Greybeards.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Check In On The Yoots

The Giants have a few "kids" playing full season ball.  Let's take a quick check:

Lucius Fox is the youngest, he is currently slashing 208/311/298 at Augusta.  The good: good SB #s at 17/22, he can draw a walk with 26BBs/48Ks in 208 PAs, he has hit for some power (4 2Bs, 3 3Bs, 2 HRs).  The bad: batting average is pretty anemic, and he hasn't hit for much power, but that has to be tempered by the fact he's young and this is his first professional start.

3 19 year olds:
Manuel Geraldo 198/238/228, back at S/S S/K
Jalen Miller 234/266/326, playing 2B in Augusta exclusively. 
Kelvin Beltre 247/318/382, playing mainly 3B.  Beltre has to shake that injury prone label. 

And... Gustavo Cabrera, the Giants are taking it very easy with him.  He's back in S/K.  Has hit 239/293/337 in 99 PAs.

Arroyo is at Richmond, 2 years younger than Matt Duffy, hitting 288/330/397, recently he must have been told to take walks because they've doubled up quickly.  I don't think there is a lot of doubt that Arroyo will hit at this point.

Logan Webb in Augusta: 42IP in 9 starts, 6.21 ERA, 11.6 H/9, 6.4 K/9 and 2.50 K/BB.  He's allowed 7 big flies.

Mac Marshall in Augusta: 21IP in 5 starts, 4.79 ERA, 7.0 H/9, 8.70 BB/9 and a 0.90 K/BB.  He has been very wild.

Phil Bickford was electric to start Augusta and he was electric to start San Jose.  My favorite prospect in the system now, I like him more than Beede and Arroyo for sure.  66IP in 12 starts, 7.0 H/9, 11.2 K/9 and a 5.47 K/BB.  Those are some sexy numbers.  2.73 ERA, and its worth noting that a few of those runs came when he tired.  Giants will stretch his arm out to where they feel comfortable, but the biggest thing is him gaining strength to that wiry frame.  Bona fide pitching prospect who will zoom, zoom, zoom.

Michael Santos in Augusta: 59IP in 10 starts, 9.4 H/9, 6.80 K/9 and an awesome 8.80 K/BB.  Because he has issued 5 BBs all year!  Santos is a better version of Joan Gregorio in my opinion, a wiry kid who might fill in and become a bona fide. 

Those are your 10 yoots in the Giants system who are noteworthy.  There is a lot of emphasis on young age in prospecting.  The Giants generally have not had draft order to go snag premium bonus babies, and they lean towards the college ranks (where they have had a large number of looks at the prospects by multiple evaluators including cross checkers and brain trust types - in other words a good thing) and yes they lean towards wood bats and the cape cod. 

As you can see from the stats, being young isn't always easy.  But there are some top prospect types in the Giant system who deserve big mention.  Bickford is going to get a lot of ink if he keeps up these type of performances.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Will the Pirates Trade Cutch?

Lot of chatter lately about the Pirates, down in the NL Central, possibly trading their franchise player.  They'll see how it goes the next six weeks.  Here is his stellar B/R page

McCutchen has been battling a thumb injury that has really affected his swing.  His stats are way off his career norms.  Further, he is turning 30 this October.  Further, he has two years left under contract and then its a similar age category as Joey Batts for the re-up, he would want something around 5 years at 20MM a pop to take him through his age 37-38 years. 

Better to cut bait a year earlier than a year later?  The Angels have Albert Pujols on their books for a looooong time... Pujols in the past 5 years (crazy to think its been that long since the Cards snuck into the 2011 series and took it down): 138 OPS+, 116 OPS+, 126 OPS+, 117 OPS+ and this year sitting on 95 OPS+.  His OBP's have been pretty lite: 343, 330, 324, 307 and 310.  The SLG, once stuck in the 600s like glue, have dipped from 516, 437, 466, 480 and 396 this year.  That is where it really hurts, the money is in that power, that's why you pay the insane moneys.

McCutchen has put up 4 straight years of 400 Plus OBP, with SLG in the 500s.  His career slash line is 294/383/490.  He is the heart and soul of the Pirates.

I've loved McCutchen for a long time, and if there was one player in the major leagues that I really, really wanted to be a Giant it would be him.  The Pirates were able to lock him up to a pretty team friendly contract which is great for hometown fans and great for MLB.  Now they have developed more outfielders (who are most likely better defenders than Cutch) and have another knocking on the door in Austin Meadows. 

Should they trade him?  It would really hurt the fanbase.  But if you look at it from a ruthless statistical side, you are most likely looking at some downgrades in skills, and a contract that might handcuff a small market team.

Does every player follow that aging curve though?  There are exceptions.  But the hardest thing to overcome is the law of averages with injury.  As Giants fans know watching Matt Cain and Hunter Pence, two former iron men before the big contracts, nothing is guaranteed and the injuries can hit anybody.

Do the Giants have enough?  Not sure.  But here's one thing to consider: the Dodgers wouldn't trade not only their top two prospects, they wouldn't let anybody touch their second tier as well.  If the Giants are willing to deal Arroyo AND Beede AND Blackburn... The Pirates might be tempted to listen.  Especially if a Andrew Susac goes as a throw in. 

Is that a ton?  Yep.  Two years under contract, and a hurt hand to boot.  Would a healthy Cutch be a gigantic balance swing?  Absolutely.  But knowing the extent of the injury, how long it really takes to heal, whether it could be solved by a 2 week shelf job mid-season... lots of balls in motion.

With the Giants outfield on the older side... getting a couple of years younger might be a money move.  Having a superstar possibly be available is a rare thing.  And the only reason its being considered is a hand injury, subpar stats and subpar performance by Pittsburgh, who never seems to be able to get enough Arms to go battle in the Central, even though they have two studs in Taillon and Glasnow in the wings (Taillon likes pitching to the Metropolitans of New York something fierce). 

Most likely its just a thought exercise, and I imagine the Cubs have more "steaks in the freezer"... but the Giants might be in a good position.  The Pirates aren't dealing Cutch to a division rival they have to see a bunch during a stretch, the Cubs don't necessarily need an OF.  The Dodgers seem to value their prospects as the crown jewels.  And it has cost them in the past.

If the Giants are close, and can swing a deal, I say go for it.  After all, trades for Pirates, signing of ex-Pirates, its all worked out quite well for Los Gigantes.

Monday, June 20, 2016

IFA Success... And Failure. Bonus Baby Fun!

So Los Gigantes stood pat on their IFA signings, they have one big time bonus baby in Lucius Fox.  Because they are in the penalty box, they will be prohibited from signing any player for more than $300K for the next year.

The Giants did make a lower signing, taking VZ Catcher Ricardo Genoves for $550K.

Meanwhile the Dodgers continued their insane spending, signing up one more Cubano for a cool $2MM, paying an additional $2MM in fines.

Lets look real quick at the Dodgers.  They are spending almost $100MM this signing period, half of that in fines.  This is an insane amount of money.  While you are improving your chances by having more eggs in the basket, so to speak, you are also increasing your chances of throwing a ton of money down the drain.

Erisbel Arruebarrena has been suspended twice, he is nowhere close to playing in the major leagues.  There's good return on $25MM of hard earned cable money.

Hector Olivera signed a $62.5MM deal.  He has played in 30 games for the Barves, hitting a cool 245/296/378.  The Dodgers couldn't wait to ship him.

Alex Guerrero released on June 8th, 28MM more down.

The big success of course is Mr. Puig.  I want to point out that his stats are in regression, and he has continually battled injury.  His OPS+ line as a short hand, 159, 145, 109, 76.  At the risk of some backlash, I would submit that the much more stringent MLB drug tests are a far cry from what goes on with the Cuban Olympic Team.  While he was initially regarded as a break out star, the 2nd act is a far cry from Puig Mania.

So what am I saying?  I'm saying that Cubans are overrated.  And the Dodgers are throwing a bunch of moneys down the drain.  At this moment in time. 

IFA success rate is brutal.  I picked up some tweets the other day from a long time Giant prospect hound Fla-Giant (Darryl Zero on twitter).  He was angry that the Giants didn't sign more 7 figure guys, and actually wanted the Giants to invest more money in, as he called them "the AnVil and RafRod debacles" - basically double down type type jobs would have been the better call.

I threw the names of the top of the class for 2006 and 2008.  It isn't pretty.  The biggest name for 2006 is most likely Carlos Triunfel.  The biggest for 2008 is Michael Inoa (Ynoa).  There were busts galore all over baseball.  The Giants just decided to participate.  There were no breakouts from either year.  In hindsight a double down on bonus babies would have just produced more mis-spent moneys. 

Here is the list of the top 50 IFA bonuses from BA.  It does NOT include all these Cubanos getting signed up.  The biggest name by far is Miggy Cabrera.  Huge success.  And that's why teams keep at it.  Just like teams keep going after HS OFs because of Mike Trout.  Nomar Mazara may yet be a huge breakout, and possibly Miguel Sano.

As you can see, there are 3 Giants on there.  Two busts, and an unknown at the top: The Fantastic Mister Fox.  I am very happy the Giants took their shot at him.  I don't necessarily believe they should be spending all over the place in addition.  They did have the high profile defection at the 11th hour with the Cubano OF the Cubs snagged.  That would have been a 2nd bonus and they would have had to double down on the fine.  Not Dodger like spending, but it would have been substantial, you are talking millions of dollars.

While you do have to take your shots, and be in it to win it, this massive move by the Dodgers seems like a lot of hype to me.  The Red Sox just DFA'd Rusney Castillo, a 72.5MM venture into the unknown.  While all teams will have busts at some point, it appears that the Cubano movement has produced a lot of hype and not much sizzle so far.  I would expect more of the same. 

Because of the age at signing, scouts are making calls with more money on the line than the draft with a lot more variable, because kids can change so much between 15 and 17.  Looking at a 12 year old taking BP and trying to project?  Its really kind of crazy.

On the other hand, the BP hitting prospect of the day is Yoan Moncada, who recently earned yet another promotion.  So while the Red Sox have a massive bust on their hands in Castillo, they are out again doing what they do.  Who was the pitcher of the day?  Phil Bickford!  13 Ks, 12 swinging!  Great California League Debut for sho!

And its worth looking at that other Cubano OF real quick.  Yoenis Cespedes is putting up a 280/352/564 line with the Mets this year.  He has been quite effective in MLB despite a hacking reputation.  It was a great inspired signing by Beane and the A's.  Trading him away... Not so much.  Cespedes will most likely opt out of his contract for some further long term security.  If you win on one of these, it can be a huge win.  But the downside... just go look at the long lists of names that fade away.  Baseball is a rough tough road with a whole lot of bust rates.

70 down, 92 to go...

Los Gigantes are on pace for 101 wins.  They have successfully shook off a June Swoon which was looking imminent with Hunter Pence going down and bats cooling off.  8 in a row for the 2nd time this year, they now go into Pittsburgh, a place that has slowed them down in the past.

It'll be Bumgarner versus Locke
Cueto versus TBD
Shark versus Liriano
Suarez versus Niese

Giants starters have been big time.
12 team wins in 14 Cueto starts - Cueto has a 12/14 QS for an amazing 86%, 106 pitches a start on average.
11 team wins in 14 Bumgarner starts (Casssssilllla!!!  2 big blown saves) - Bumgarner has a 12/14 QS for an amazing 86%, 107 pitches a start on average.
9 team wins in 14 Shark starts, Shark has a 9/14 QS for an excellent 64%, 105 pitches a start on average.

As all Giants fans know, 3 big horses.  And that bodes very, very well for postseason competition.

Now the rest...
7 team wins in 14 Peavy starts - Peavy has a 6/14 QS for a below average 43%, 85 pitches a start on average.
7 team wins in 11 Cain starts - Cain has 4/11 QS for a below average 36%, 90 pitches a start on average.
1 team win in 3 Suarez starts - Suarez has a 0/3 QS in pinch starts, 79 pitches a start on average.

Not a surprise at all, the big 3 have saved the pen some serious time, Cueto is at 7.3IP average, Shark at 6.8 IP and Bum at 6.7IP.  Cain and Peavy both at 5.2.

The pen!  League average is 32% of inherited runners score.  Giants with innings on their arm are all below that average. 
Osich has had 31 inherited runners, only 2 have scored (6%)
Gearrin has had 27 inherited runners, 6 have scored (22%)
Lopez has had 23 inherited runners, only 2 have scored (9%)
Kontos 16, 2 scored (13%)
Strickland 14, 3 scored (21%)
Law 10, 3 scored (30%)

Gearrin, Casilla and Law all have excellent stat lines.  Strickland has been a bit shakier but he is still above average.  Casilla may get some gruff from fans (that above one was my moment of frustration, its a fans right to grumble about the closer!) but he has a team high 11.3 K/9.  Strickland is at 8.4 and Law at 8.1.

Gearrin and Casilla have been the workhorses of the pen, 32 games for Gearrin and 30.1 IP, 29 for Casilla and 27IP.  Strickland, Osich and Lopez all are up there as well, with 32, 35 and 32 appearances.

One weird stat (remember relievers with low IP it can skew quick) is that the two lefties have walked a lot of folks.  Lopez at 8 BB and Osich at 9BB, their ratios aren't looking pretty at the moment.

One interesting rumor, non-Andrew Miller division, is that the Giants scouted Kevin Jepsen.  The Giants always like to go under the radar, picking up Javy Lopez for the 2010 run being the most fun one of all.

The pen definitely needs some help, but if you take the long shot view, and check the stats, they've been very solid.

Brandon Belt is hitting a blistering 160 OPS+.  Does that qualify as a break out?  Hell yes.  Who drafted him?  Who signed him up long term?  That's right baby!  I busted Keith Law's balls on twitter for a sec right after draft day.  Selective memory is great!  He got defensive and pulled the "I know way more people than you" card.  Well... I know some folks who know folks and the big hitters in the Giants brain trust have absolutely no time for Law, Buster Olney or Pedro Gomez.  Monks of MLB baby!

Giants are missing Pence's bat.  Buster Posey is a traditional second half guy who warms up big, he is sitting on a 115 OPS+, his BA is steadily climbing though.  Craw and Panik are sitting on league average.  While I wouldn't expect Craw to climb much in BA, Panik is well below career norms, I suspect he will raise it on up.

Pagan, Blanco and Span are at 92, 88 and 85 OPS+.  Not exactly setting the world on fire.

The Duff man has been struggling, he is at 83 OPS+, sporting a 253/331/396.  I expect that to steadily climb, as he adjusts and gets better BABIP luck.

The Giants might actually want to trade for a bat over a arm.  Getting a utility guy who could hit might tie the room together.  Juan Uribe is tied in with a surprise Tribe team that is doing quite well.

This is the best stretch of Gints baseball since 1954, 27-8.  So while the first 35 were middle of the road, the last 35 have been simply amazing.  Lets see how the next 35 go, that'll take us close to trade deadline.  The old 50 to see what you got, 50 to adjust and then 62 to go dog go!

This might be my favorite Giants team of all time. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Giants Draft By The Rankings

8th round pick Stephen Woods has signed.  RHP out of U Albany, here's a blurb on him.  Looks like a live fastball and some control issues. 

So the rankings (major here: BA and, not going to go find ESPNs) here goes:

Reynolds: BA 31, MLB 23 Gints drafted him 59
Quinn: BA 48, MLB 55 Gints drafted him 95
Krook: BA 87, MLB 92 Gints drafted him 125
Howard: BA 199 MLB N/R Gints drafted him 155 (AND he gets utility guy labels so its like everything is back to normal for a second here with the Giants overdrafting)
Brusa: BA 163 MLB N/R Gints drafted him 185
Williams: BA 411 MLB 154 Gints drafted him 215
Woods: BA 289 MLB N/R Gints drafted him 245
Baragar N/R Gints drafted him 275
Bostic BA 311  Gints drafted him 305
Delay BA 406 Gints drafted him 335
Kirby N/R Gints drafted him 365
Layer BA 358 Gints drafted him 395
Menez N/R
Myers N/R
Falwell N/R
Bazar N/R (He apparently signed already)
Heyward BA 291 Gints drafted him 545
Van Horn N/R
Alleman N/R
Albertson N/R
Ziegler N/R
Greenwalt N/R
Parra N/R
Rescigno N/R
Hill N/R
Ruotolo N/R
O'dell N/R
Bernal N/R
Deeg BA 400 Gints drafted him 905
Laskey BA 81 MLB 94 Gints drafted him 935 (Duke Commit - not signing)
Timmins N/R
Montgommery BA 405 Gints drafted him 995
Gettman N/R
Matranga N/R
Bono N/R
Lee N/R
DiPiazza N/R
Bennett N/R

So there you go, 15 out of 40 in the BA 500, most likely the Giants will get at least 12 to sign, maybe more.

Mid-June Check In On The Farm

Six weeks after the last check in, not a lot has changed.  Promotions?  Slater Dude, bummer about your party!  Austin Slater raked in the Eastern and is now in Sacto.  Joan Gregorio is the notable promotion on the pitching side.

Top hitters in the system:
Jarrett Parker has nothing left to prove in AAA, he is officially a Giants AAAA special, hoping to become more.  He's had some rough nights, but the power is there.  Parker slashed 281/366/615 with 13 HRs and 42 Ks in 153 PAs.  The K% is the issue as always.

Chris Shaw: 283/350/535 with 13 HRs, 21BB/57K in 257 PAs.  The reports are that Shaw is much more athletic, he has worked hard at training, might even be able to corner OF it.  Not really much more to do in the California league as a college bat, the test will be the Big Bad Eastern.  Shaw makes a lot of noise with the power, and he's getting helium.

Steven Duggar: 269/384/475 with 9 HRs, 41BB/53K in 263 PAs.  Duggar got snubbed for all-stars in the CA.  4/10 in SBs.  I am more of a Jebavy guy, Duggar has been rocking it.  He has struggled lately, the stats are getting pulled down by a June Swoon.  Very exciting development.

CJ Hinojosa: 314/398/450 with 4 HRs, 33BB/41K in 259 PAs.  Hinojosa, like Duggar, has an excellent BB/K ratio.  Better contact than the two SJ teammates with less power, he's played nothing but SS for the Lil Giants.  Like Shaw, big development and some hype.  He'd be the kind of player the Giants frequently have: just off the top 100 lists.  The caution is that this is the California league and he's a college (on the rise big time) bat.

Austin Slater: (2 levels): 300/389/458 with 6 HRs, 28BB/49K in 221 PAs playing mainly CF.  Passing the test of the Big Bad Eastern is a big deal.  I'm a Hunter Cole guy, Slater is the 2nd guy who's making me look bad this year.  He is 11 for 49 in early action in the PCL.  Looks like the hit tool is real, he just has to get an opportunity.  The Monks give opportunities in strange ways at times...

Those are the top 5 hitters.  Keep an eye on the resurgent Dylan Davis (but its in Low-A), Mac Williamson as he gets used to the Juan Perez shuttle-shimmy, Dylan Dobson (got a shout out from Will the Thrill last night), Tyler Horan and of course top prospect Christian Arroyo.

Arroyo is slashing 285/324/395 in the big bad Eastern, with 2 HRs, 14BB/41K in 250 PAs.  Not setting the earth on fire, but remember that neither of the Giants middle infielders did when they were in the Eastern.  Would you trade Arroyo at a better chance at a 4th ring?  These things are hard to predict.  I wouldn't mind a trade for Andrew Miller actually, I think that is a big missing piece for the Giants currently and they have a lot of bats both on the roster and in the system.  But that's why the Greybeards are paid the big bucks.

Notable Guys who aren't raking at the moment:
Aramis Garcia out with a facial fracture.
Ronnie Jebavy 249/310/376 with 4 HRs, 15BB/65K in 263 PAs, 7/15 SBs.  Jebavy is looking like a hacker, that is going to be a tough profile but hopefully he will hit more in the 2nd half.
Ryder Jones 251/274/405 in 240 PAs, 7 HRs, 7 BBs to 33 Ks
Jonah Arenado 256/286/386 in 234 PAs, 6 HRs, 8BBs to 50 Ks.

Should we check out who the top 5 for the Francisco Peguero hacking awards are?  (Juan Perez was always sneakily close, just didn't get the press).  There are 25 Giants Farmguys who have at least 200 PAs (cheating with Beltre at 198).  Jones, Brandon Bednar, Arenado, Myles Schroeder  are all in single digit walk totals with Grant Green, Jalen Miller and Rando Moreno at 10 each.  Hackers!

Duggar and Hinojosa lead the patience brigade, Duggar has drawn 41 BBs and Hino has 33.

Youngest in the system: Lucius Fox is sitting on a 205/291/292 slash line with 2 HRs, 20BBs and 46 Ks.

Best baserunning: Giants are not known for their basestealing, Fargas is 19/28; Paulino is 14/19, Fox is a fantastic 13/17, Gorkys Hernandez is 13/19 and that's it for double digits.

Pitching?  When are the Giants going to develop a real bonafide stud pitcher?  That's their bread and butter!  What is the world coming to! 

Adalberto Mejia needs some love.  He's pitching the BBE with Richmond, 1.94 ERA, 65IP, 58K, 48H, 16BB for a stellar 0.985 WHIP, a 3.63 K/BB.  Never been high on him, he's been awesome this year so far.

Phil Bickford should get a promotion soon.  He's rocking Augusta with a 2.70 ERA, 60IP, 69K, 15BB, 49H for a 1.067 WHIP, a 4.60 K/BB and a system high (for the guys who have put up major innings pitched) 10.4 K/9.  Bickford is most likely on an innings limit this year as the Giants build his arm strength and durability. 

Tyler Beede may be giving up too many hits, but with a better defense behind him... He has a 3.05 ERA, 65IP, 50K, 15BB, 71H for a 1.323 WHIP and a 3.33 K/BB.  The BB rate is seriously impressive for Beede. 

Andrew Suarez has been promoted as well - missed that one up above - over two levels he has a 4.06 ERA, 64.1IP, 56K, 12BB, 72 H for a 1.306 WHIP and a 4.67 K/BB.  Suarez is progressing very quickly. 

Sam Coonrod has been dealing in SJ.  64IP, 46 H, 42K, 22BB for a 1.068 WHIP and a 1.98 ERA.  His K/9 is low at 5.9 and his K/BB is low at 1.91 but he has been very effective.

Other quick hits on starters:
Michael Santos (Augusta) has a 8.80 K/BB.  Stingy with walks!
Joan Gregorio has taken the bump 11 times now.  9.8 K/9 against advanced competition!
Cory Taylor (Augusta) has a 1.83 ERA, 9.0 K/9 and 4.54 K/BB. 

Fun with ratios:
Ray Black has a stellar 14.8 K/9.  And a less than stellar 8.3 BB/9
Dan Slania has a K/BB of 6.25, 2nd in system to Santos. 

Minimum 20 IP, here are the top 4 stingiest on hits:
Caleb Smith, Tyler Cyr, Tyler Rogers, Jacob McCasland

The bottom: Ryan Halstead, Duke Welker, Jeff Soptic (quit your crying, Conor G is back in the fold) and Ryan Koziol.

Minimum 20 IP, here are the top 4 stingiest on BBs:
Michael Santos, Andrew Suarez, Dan Slania, Grant Watson (sleeper Lefty Matt Gage is 5th)

The bottom: Jake Smith, Ray Black, Jeff Soptic, Caleb Smith - all wild guys with big stuff

And... Minimum 20 IP, top 4 at striking out fools: Black, C Smith, Steven Okert and Reyes Montoya
The bottom: Mark Reyes, Phil McCormick, Albert Suarez (Hah!), Ty Blach

Struggling with BB/K: Soptic, Jake Smith, Mark Reyes and of course... Kyle Crick

Fantastic with BB/K besides Santos/Slania/Okert/Suarez: Phil Bickford, Cory Taylor, Ryan Halstead, Tyler Mizenko. 

Saves leader: Rodolfo Martinez is quietly rocking the house in SJ with 18 saves, a 9.1K/9, a 0.68 ERA and a 1.162 WHIP. 

Should be interesting to watch the new draftees come in, mostly to S/K and rookie ball but still fun.  And maybe somebody gets promoted to Augusta or SJ.  And the Dominican Summer League.