Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hot Stove Comes On Quick When You Win The World Series

Giants don't really have a chance to talk to potential FAs, too busy with the game.  Unlike the 2013 season, which ended early, and Hunter Pence was signed up before FA, along with Tim Lincecum, this year its coming like a freight train.

Kawakami got ahold of Sabean, got some choice quotes for his article.

"We're not going to be the type of team that's going to bump the luxury tax or be in that zone," 

Luxury Tax is 189MM this year, and for 2015.  The trick is you have to average the annual value on the contract, so Buster and Bumgarner getting locked up actually counts a bit more then when you're looking year to year.  I think the Giants should stay below the luxury tax.  Paying huge salaries has not been a guarantee of success.  The Yanks and the Phils sure found out.

Giants have taken the title 3 times in 5 years with the following salaries (all opening day, all rounded up, all from steve the ump:)
2010 98MM 10th
2011 119MM 8th (Cards win with 11th)
2012 118MM 8th 
2013 141MM 6th (Red Sox win with 4th)
2014 155MM 7th

3 of the top 4 salaries didn't even make the postseason: Dodgers 236MM, Yanks 204MM, Phils 180MM, Red Sox 163MM.  

So the Giants are committed to gradual increases, they have most likely taken a long look at what Philly did a few years back, and have decided to go split the difference between them and St. Louis.  

They have the 800 pound gorilla to share a division with.  We'll see if the Dodgers keep it up with their cable deal on ice.  But those untradeable contracts will eventually burn off.

Those numbers up above might not be completely accurate, but for rough purposes, the Giants have bumped payroll after the WS wins by about 20MM each time.  I would not expect another bump like that.  I bet they do get to 160-165MM though, and it all depends on Pablo Sandoval.

List of the 121 FAs.  Its slightly misleading though, because there are some retirees mixed in.  As teams ruthlessly lock up talent, there are less FAs that are drool worthy.  They are expensive, and they have dings most the time.  Or they are franchise crippling expensive, Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols style.  

Giant FAs for 2014-5: Pablo Sandoval, Jake Peavy, Sergio Romo, Michael Morse, Ryan Vogelsong.

Giants FAs for 2015-6: Tim Lincecum, Tim Hudson, Marco Scutaro, Jeremy Affeldt, Joaquin Arias

Giants FAs for 2016-7: Angel Pagan, Javier Lopez, Gregor Blanco, Yusmeiro Petit, Travis Ishikawa

Big Arb cases for 2014-5: Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, Yusmeiro Petit, Gregor Blanco as well as Hector Sanchez and Travis Ishikawa

Only one Qualifying Offer will be put out, for Pablo Sandoval.  Because Peavy was traded mid-season, he cannot be offered a QO under the CBA.  Peavy had a player option, but did not make inning incentives to make it vest.  

Fangraphs ranked the top 55 FAs for crowdsourcing.  All 5 Giants made that cut, meaning they are desirable commodities all.  Here is what the predictions were:
#5 Sandoval 5/80MM
#20 Peavy 2/24MM
#31 Romo 2/12MM
#40 Morse 1/7MM
#42 Vogelsong 1/7MM
Keep in mind it only takes one, and this is the ruthless look at stats determining value.  I think that's light on Sando, maybe light on Peavy by a year, and about right on the others although a DH/1B AL squad might go another year on Morse.

Romo is in a bind, because teams won't pay for ex-closers, he doesn't have a ton of velocity, and he had a mixed bag year.  I can see Sabean offering that up though, that is a patented contract - the Sabean Specialty 2/12MM - Freddy Sanchez, Mark DeRosa, a couple others...

What do the Giants have?  Cots has them at 127MM roughly, but they sometimes factor in bonuses in those spreadsheets.  

What do I think?  Bobby Evans is the man.  Don't worry about it.  Giants are in good hands, he does all the contracts and he gets good AAV, very good discipline on short term contracts.  Look at how the players are coming off in groups of 5.  That is some seriously sharp long term planning.

Who have the Giants committed to long term?  
Buster Posey
Matt Cain
Madison Bumgarner (Best contract in baseball)
Hunter Pence

So this offseason basically comes down to the ownership figuring what they're willing to pay Sandoval to join that group, versus the open market, minus the QO draft pick penalty.  

Giants have no problem peeling off 4-6MM for a good reliever.  They've been paying Affeldt-Lopez-Casilla-Romo.  Would they go try and get another good lefty?  Or keep patient on the farm.  

I see Peavy as a 20% chance to sign because of Bochy, but I think he'll be too expensive and too similar to the Tims for the Greybeards taste.  If you're considering defending a ring (the odds aren't good in a odd year, I know) you have to look to postseason pitching.  Bumgarner and Cain is a good start.  I'd say go get another lefty!  Liriano is a FA.  That would be a hilarious return to the mothership, but I don't know if the injury issues would break deals immediately. 

I see Vogelsong as a 45% chance to sign one year, depending on Petit/Lincecum in the internal discussions.  

Morse, another Bochy favorite, is a fun guy who can hit.  His fielding is a tough place to fit in though.

Giants love their guys, I can see Romo back, but that might be 50-50 as well.

After multiple wins, I say the Giants should continue to do what they do.  OF?  We had the following guys on the field at the end: Andres Torres, Aaron Rowand, Cody Ross, Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence, Gregor Blanco and Juan Perez.  I don't think LF is going to be a big priority.

And I don't think the Giants are going in on that big Cuban LF guy.  Too expensive, not proven enough.  I'd protest, but two things: 1.  Somebody will eventually get a dud Cubano, and 2.  this pay your guys is much more fun.  If the Giants are dragging in july would I change my tune, especially if the Doyers are up 10 games?  Yeah, I'm a hypocrite.  

Fact is, the Giants have 3 OF prospectos lined up in Richmond: Horan, Carbonell and Williamson.
They have bullpen arms all over the place: Strickland, Law, Okert, Hall and that's just the tip of the spear.  
Then they have all these SPs who muddled through last year: Crick, Blackburn, Mejia, Stratton.  And Tyler Beede.  And this cat Mella everybody must have been asking about a ton.

They're going to trust their farm, and go try and mine some more reclamation.  

Predictions on the Panda?  I think its exactly the Pence.  5/90MM, and ownership will flash it at the last minute.  More than that?  He has a 115 OPS+ profile, the shaky conditioning and the amazing hit tool and postseason fun, as well as being a part of the marketing core.  I think they'll be wary of going further - especially with Matty Cain on ice, holding breath on him returning.  I bet they pound out the David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman injury profiles as well.  And maybe they should go after Boston for some improper behavior while they're at it.

I'm struck with how good the hitting development has been now, and how lagging the pitching is.  That is in direct contrast with the Gints reputation in the game.  The biggest win would be to get a cost controlled young pitcher who can really ball.  Offense looks to be in pretty good shape, with or without the Panda.  We want the Panda back.  I think he wants to come back.  Good to have a little drama in the hot stove, but this is Sabean, he's going to be low key and get his guys or muddle around on the periphery.  That's a great thing.

2011 didn't fail because the band was brought back.  2011 failed because of tons of injuries, and Carlos Beltran not having any heart.  2013 failed because 7 guys went to the WBC for a victory tour instead of taking some time.  Getting the band back together has been fun, and pretty effective.  Giants bad contracts haven't cost them any glory.  They have a strong core.  But a pitcher or two... that would tie the room together.

The Giants Take The Ship! Series Rundown #55

How Sweet It Is photo:CNN

On the last day of the baseball season, Los Gigantes took it all down.  The Brass Ring!  The Ship!  The World Series!  They need a new trophy case, its now not big enough to hold 3 big bad flags stickin' all over the joint trophies. 

The standard recipe is for a 11 game rampage.  The Giants went the wild card route, so its a 12 game rampage in 2014.  RAMPAGE!   Make no mistake, Los Gigantes are built for the short game, the result of bad beat lessons learned long ago. 

The Royals played a great game, and a great series.  They're a young team, home grown for the most part, and they have a great core to come back next year strong.  They are without a doubt my favorite team in the AL at this point.  Ventura, Finnegan, Hosmer, Perez and Lorenzo Cain: that's a good group of ballplayers.

Game 1: Giants 7, Royals 1
Madison Bumgarner was all-world, Hunter Pence hit a big home run, the Giants rolled tide.

Game 2: Royals 7, Giants 2
Yordano Ventura was shaky at first, but the Giants couldn't get to the rookie.  A 2-2 tie was shaken in the 6th inning, as Peavy lit a fire and the pen came in with a gas can.  5 runs later the game was out of reach.

Game 3: Royals 3, Giants 2
Hudson gave up a lead off bomb double that got cashed.  KC added on in the 6th, a double from Alex Gordon chasing Hudson.  Hosmer had a great grinding at-bat, finally going up the middle on Javy Lopez for a 3rd run.  The Gigantes answered in the bottom of the inning on a booming Beast pinch hit double, Posey managed to get a 2nd run in but they ultimately couldn't close.  The Royals pen was as advertised to close it out.

Game 4: Giants 11, Royals 4
Vogelsong had a melt down inning, and the Royals were posed to do major additional damage, ahead 4-1 and Machi walks the first guy he faces to load em up.  The pitcher, Jason Vargas, walked towards 1B on a ball 3.  The Royals dugout was loose, and laughing, but it ultimately was a high water point that showed their inexperience in the playoffs: Machi got a strike 3 call, and it was the Giants turn.  Matt Duffy had a huge pinch hit single, he got to 2nd with aggressive baserunning on a ground ball out, then he scored on a single in front of Alex Gordon.  Answering them in the 3rd showed the Gigantes weren't out of it.  Then in the 5th they drew even.  The 6th was the go-ahead, and the 7th was the break open.  Ned Yost didn't do much here.  Keeping his pitcher in the game might have cost him a championship.  This was the turning point in the series for me.

Game 5: Giants 5, Royals 0
Madison Bumgarner is the big story of course.  But the Royals again didn't try much of anything, including a bizarre double switch to get the worst hitter on the team a WS at-bat instead of just pinch hitting Willingham, who has the power to get them back in it.  Giants tacked on late insurance runs, and Bumgarner went the distance.

Game 6: Royals 10, Giants 0
With game 6 being a pressure point, Jake Peavy talked of upcoming FA and buying a cable car.  He was woefully unprepared, throwing a straight fastball and some pretty unimpressive nibbling.  Pitching scared, and the Royals had a plan - hit the ball where he pitched it.  They got him out pretty quick, but Petit wasn't nails for once as well, and a 7 run 2nd inning basically doomed.  The Giants had the bases loaded, all on walks, in the 3rd against Ventura, but Buster Posey decided to pull a Pablo Sandoval and go first pitch swing, a weak ground ball double play that killed any change of momentum.  Bochy to his credit had his least effective relievers wear it: sketchy forkball Machi, homer prone Strickland and a do-anything-for-the-team Ryan Vogelsong.  Machi was huge in the season, just like Peavy, but very ineffective in crunch time.  Strickland has a bright future, but needs to spot his fastball and mix in his slider.  Vogelsong: he's the man.  I'd much rather have him back than Jake Peavy.

Game 7: For All the Marbles!  Giants 3, Royals 2

Don't know what to say.  Hudson was ineffective.  My theory is that finesse pitchers just can't locate very well due to the adrenaline of the post-season.  He was getting hit, and the ball was way up.  Not a good look for a ground ball pitcher.  The Giants got 2 runs off of Guthrie via the sac fly after going very easily in the 1st.  They got an additional run in the 4th after the top 3 went 1-2-3 again.  Posey was very, very tired.  Michael Morse came up huge.  Bochy pulled Hudson, and went to Jeremy Affeldt.  Jeremy Affeldt is a LEGENDARY GIANT.  I'll fight anybody who says otherwise.  Possibly the best FA signing of the Sabean era, he does a little of everything.  Including a crazy unscored on streak in the postseason that is one away from Mo Riv's.  I'll always love him for the Philly game, while Sanchez and Ultey are jawing Affeldt is calmly warming up.  He was nails, nails, nails.

And then it became Madison Bumgarners game.  Leadoff single, a bunt, and then a bunch of outs.  It was a blur, it seemed to go on forever.  But in the end, Alex Gordon is sitting on 3B, the crowd is going crazy, and Bumgarner pumps inside elevated fastball after inside elevated fastball at Salvador Perez.  Who blinked first.  Sandoval grasps the ball, and its all over.

55 recaps!  I knew they were going to be good.  I thought they'd make the post-season.  I figured once there anything could happen.  But the Giants had some serious weakness in their pitching staff this year.  To turn to Bumgarner this much, is simply out of this world.  He put them on his back, and they went championship hunting.  Bumgarner is absolutely stunningly amazing.  And he's 25.

The Giants had some knocks, starting hugely strong with everything going right, then Cain is hurt, Scutaro not coming back is cemented as Hicks turns into a pumpkin.  Pagan gets hurt.  Belt gets hurt.  Hector Sanchez gets hurt.  Timmy was effective until the 2nd half, some might say he got out of wack during that pen game at Philly.  No matter what, the Giants decided to trust they had a good team.  They snagged Peavy to replace Cain - the best trade of the deadline hands down - and promoted their rookies instead of trading them.  That provided a shot in the arm.  Andrew Susac played big off the bench.  Matt Duffy played huge as a pinch hitter.  Joe Panik played like a top 15 2B, not a utility guy. 

Giants fielded the only home grown infield in MLB, a huge credit to their draft and development.  Posey-Belt-Panik-Crawford-Sandoval.  Great defensive group, good baseball smarts, good bats.  The whole notion that the Giants can't develop hitting is dead on arrival.  In the OF, you have the best trade of the recent past and a contender for best ever in Hunter Pence, and a savvy, savvy re-up.  Blanco is one of the best reclamation projects in the majors, a slick fielder who can hit and run a little and battle in an at-bat.  Juan Perez is a late draft pick.  Michael Morse is the kind of guy the Giants can attract - vet looking to win with good skills and a good clubhouse blend.  Travis Ishikawa comes back home, and is one of the sweetest stories of all time. 

You don't need stars at every position if you have a great foundation of players, positional advantage at most spots.  The Giants played excellent defense, although there were breakdowns here and there, which mainly turned into losses.  The pitching was held together by duct tape, but the manager recognized that and put his pen guys in the best spots to succeed.  But the story of the 2014 post season was Madison Bumgarner coming out from being a under appreciated Giant fan favorite that a lot of people just didn't know about to being a Gigante Superstar.  Modest as hell, country strong, he just took a team and put it on his broad shoulders for all time.

Great time to be a Giants fan.

Witnessing Greatness

This is how its done.  Photo: Jeff Chiu

 It is just sinking in what Madison Bumgarner did.

Great profile from the Grey Lady on his pops.

The quick comp is to Koufax.  Just like in 1965, the Ace of the team put it all on the line, took down the Game 7 in hostile territory.  Koufax pitched the whole game on 2 days rest, Bumgarner would have but the Giants a) had to give Hudson a shot, b) didn't want the PR of exposing to injury.  I love Bum's quote on pitch counts.

Hey!  Guess they can stop with all that 0-8 silliness for Road Teams now!  You make your own luck.

That's a big quote that Bumgarner said, but he was all humble on MLB tonight last night: I'm just Lucky I guess. 

Bad Ass Motherfucker from Hickory, North Carolina.  0.43 ERA in the 2014 World Series, the only blemish a garbage time solo home run from Salvador Perez.  Bumgarner got to face him in huge high leverage thanks to the Benny Hill antics of the OF.  No problem, just crank high inside fastballs, and its time to celebrate. 

Bum's WS ERA for the combined 3?  According to the Times... its down to 0.25.  Wowza.  Best in history.

Pretty sweet pick back in 2007.  Giants fans all over wanted a hitter.  The Greybeards said he'd be up in 2 years, and he's gone beyond their wildest dreams.  You just witnessed one of the greatest performances ever.  And he's 25 years young.  What a legend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yes! Yes! Yes! Giants Win It All - 2014 Champs

Madison Bumgarner brings the trophy home.  Legendary.

So happy, so proud, so humbled to see this team achieve these successes. 

Golden age of SF Giants baseball.

Magical Game 7

The San Francisco Giants play the Kansas City Royals, all tied up 3-3 in a best of 7 World Series.

Been a spectacular year.  Ups, huge downs, injuries, getting past injuries, and now it comes down to all hands on deck for the brass ring.

The Royals have been a worthy opponent.  I figured they would be a tougher nut to crack than the previous two world series jaunts. 

History of Game 7's, starting in the present and fading back to glorious times that favor Los Gigantes more than the last 8 for the Road Team.
2011 Cards beat Rangers 6-2 - after the amazing Game 6 with bullpens trading body blows.  (In St. Louis)
2002 Angels beat Giants 4-1 - after the Game 6 5-0 lead, Ortiz game ball, rabble rabble (Anaheim)
2001 Diamondbacks beat Yankees 3-2 - rallying down 2 in the 9th against Mo Riv.  (Arizona)
1997 Marlins beat Indians 3-2 (11) - Edgar Renteria baby!  (Florida)
1991 Twins beat Braves 1-0 (10) Jack Morris pitched all 10 (Minny)
1987 Twins beat Cards 4-2 That was not any consolation really (Minny)
1986 Mets beat Red Sox 8-5 - after the most epic down to the last strike rally ever in Game 6 - its a shame Buckner's play gets all the hype.  (NYC)
1985 Royals beat Cards 11-0 - we want to avoid this type of game (KC)
1982 Cards beat Brewers 6-3 (Stl)

So there you are with those 8 that are getting so much hype.  Now...
1979 Pirates beat O's 4-1 - last time a road team beat the home team.  We.  Are.  Family.  (Balto)
1975 Reds beat Red Sox 4-3 - after the Fisk Game 6, the dynasty struck back - that's the result we're looking for tonight (Boston)
1973 A's beat Mets 5-2 in Oaktown.   Speaking of dynasties...
1972 A's beat Reds 3-2 in Cincy.  One of the best documentaries is Rebels of Oakland: A's/Raiders in the 70s.  I love, love Reggie Jackson's quotes.  "Lefty.  Top Shelf.  But we got him.  We got him"
1971 Pirates beat O's 2-1 in Balto.  That team went through the Giants to get there.  Clemente the WS MVP, with all tools on display.
1968 Tigers beat Cards 4-1 - the game I always wanted to yell at McCarver as he homer'd it up trying to jinx the Gints.  Gibson gets beat by Mickey Lolich.  (St Louis)
1967 Cards beat Red Sox 7-2 at Fenway.  Bob Gibson: bad ass.
1965 Dodgers beat Twins 2-0 in Minny.  Sandy Koufax: bad ass.
1964 Cards beat Yanks 7-5 in STL.  Knocked the Yanks out of contention for a while.
1962 Yanks beat Giants 1-0 at the Stick.  If only McCovey....
1960 Pirates beat Yanks 10-9 in Pitt.  One of the greatest games ever played, Maz walking off.

5 of the 10 1950s series went 7.  Yanks won 3, lost 2.  The Dodgers won one, and the Braves won the other.  The Giants of NY lost game 7's in 1912 and 1924. 

0 for 4 in Game 7s...  Time to make their own luck.  One loss in a game 7 NLCS - we all remember 1987 don't we?  And... one win.  We all remember 2012 don't we?

Amazingly the Pirates have 5 Game 7's, have won them all.  Every single one of their five titles has gone to a game 7.  That's pretty incredible.

So while the home team is 8-0 in the 00's-80s... The home team is 3-8 in the 60s and 70s.  Maybe these two teams are throwback to another time.  36 times altogether for a decisive game 7.

Keys to a Giants Victory:
Score First
Get to Guthrie
Pull Hudson at the first sign of trouble
Bring Bumgarner into play
Posey summons up everything he has left
No pitcher errors or bad plays on balls hit to the infield
Find a way to get Lorenzo Cain out
Have another big inning, hitting contagious like

In the losses, 2 of them with Peavy on the mound, the pen came in and gascanned a gascannable situation.  With the other loss, Hudson, it was a combo: Hosmer did what Posey could not, get that run scoring hit, and Hudson gave up a lead off double to start the game.  Need a clean inning in the first. 

In the wins, the Giants had big innings.  They got out of innings clean.  Bumgarner threw two of them.  The other was the rally after Vogey's bad inning. 

The solution is pretty clear to me: the Giants have a big time playoff starting pitching problem.  Nobody except Bum has any out pitch, the Royals grind it out, hitting it where they are pitched.  The duct tape/red ass trio of Peavy/Hudson/Vogelsong have held things together during the year, but I just don't think they're competitive in the pressure cooker of playoff baseball.  You need strikeouts. 

So the Giants are needing the game of his life from a 39 year old Tim Hudson.  I would love to see it, but I'm not expecting it. 

Keys for Royals success:
Get a lead to that pen
Continue to hit what you're given
Play good defense
Get a lead, let the crowd get delirious

I think the Giants have a tall task.  I do think its winnable, but they have to avoid the mistakes on the field, get lucky with some balls in play on both sides of the ball, and they need their big bats and unlikely hero's to both step up.  If they can get the ball to Bumgarner, while its a injury risk, its also the stuff that legends are made of. 

What the past two weeks shows to me: Let Peavy walk, sign Vogelsong for one more year.  That's the move.  Peavy is talking about wanting to be with his buddy Jon Lester.  Go for it Jake.  Thanks for filling the void for Cain, that was huge, but you were horrid in the post-season, and the Giants play post-season ball.

So I see this as Huddy grinding to keep it close until he can pass the ball on.  I see the Giants needing to take the crowd out and get to a gettable pitcher.  And I see Bumgarner as huge if they can do both of those things.  They boot the ball, give up a big inning, its going to be very, very hard to come back. 

Game 7's are impossible to predict, you see some huge dramatic games and some laughers.  There has only been one close game so far.  Can the Giants string together a big scoring inning?  I'm afraid its almost a prerequisite for winning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Game 6 Knee Jerk Thoughts: Blowout Central

Silver lining: it was not a devastating Game 6 loss.

It was a bad beat, no doubt.  I got bad juju feelings when Jake Peavy's kid talked about buying a cable car to tell you truth.  Peavy had nothing.  And the Royals responded, they weren't greedy, they hit what they were given.  It was a miserable post-season performance.  Tough stuff.  Without Peavy the Giants aren't in the post-season.  Peavy has been miserable in the postseason.  My theory revolves around velocity and out pitches, and I'm sticking to it.  Ruthless sabermetric reasoning.  High K pitchers succeed in the playoffs.

Peavy pitched scared, and the Royals had nothing to fear.  Bochy, we love him, but he stayed too long with his guy.  Too loyal.  And yes, Brandon Belt decided to play his B- game tonight, with the bat and with the glove.  Hard to get out of an inning, but that play wasn't routine.  He should have flipped to Panik though.

The Giants weakness this year was starting pitching.  The duct tape and red ass is wearing very, very thin.  You need strikeouts in the postseason.  We've got nothing except our Ace Lefty.

Buster Posey could have got the Giants back in.  Of course the damage was big.  I thought it was no problem at 1, at 3 it was a issue, at 5 we were in a hole and at 7 it was almost over.  Posey, with 3 runners walking in front of him, decides to go first pitch swinging?  This is crazy to me.  He's a smart baller, they need big time runs.  You can give me the first pitch stats, but Posey also just doesn't have that much of a sample, he looks at a lot of pitches.  Bad swing, bat at-bat, I'll put it out there: worst at-bat for The Natural as a Giant.  Of course its a big situation.

Tip your cap to Ventura?  Sure, why not.

So where from here?  Bumgarner?  For me, Hudson just looks like Peavy 2.0.  Old vet, pitch to contact type... This is huge danger.  If you insist, put in Juan Perez.  I know, he's a ground ball guy.  Put Perez in anyways.  The noise will be go get Bumgarner.

Well... You want a third ring?  You want to win?  You want a dynasty?  You know that is the dude who will get you there.  Is a 3 day rest huge risk?  Maybe.  Is it the last game of the season?  Yup.  Is Bumgarner the man?  Yup. 

Giants looked tired from the start.  Posey looks like he's sleepwalking.

The media will play up the game 7's and the home team.  We are family Pirates against the O's.  And the Big Red Machine after Fisk did his thing.  And the 71 Pirates as well, again against the O's with Roberto.  70s were a long time ago.  But the Giants have some 70s throwback here and there... 

I says you make your own luck.

More silver linings: No way, no how will Machi pitch.  Strickland either.  Less silver linings: Royals pen is rested big time.  Giants have pitched Vogey, Petit a little.

Giants have taken bad, bad beats this year.  They get to close out the season, last game with no tomorrow.  That's a huge accomplishment.  But it pales to a win. 

I think they can win.  Go to Bumgarner, they can win.

Game 7 for all the marbles.  There isn't anything better.  I feel better than 12 years ago.  That was a shell shock.  This seems almost preordained.  Destiny versus dynasty.

Go Giants!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Remember Scott Spezio

I just threw up in my mouth.

I don't remember Scott Spezio.  Blacked the whole thing out and came back just in time to see Jose Cruz Jr drop the ball and JT Snow get gunned at the plate.

Giants fans best recognize, the close out is the hardest thing to do.  Especially on the road.

Way, way back in November 2010...  No way, no how did I want that game going 6 so we could "clinch" at home.  Are you frickin' kidding me?  Edgar Renteria stepped up and everything was right in the world.

I hate to even mention it.  But I think a lot of Giants fans are either new, giddy or stupid.  Scott Frickin' Spezio.  And that whole cast of characters.

I don't think the players are taking it that way though.  I think they're ready to play.  But series can change on a dime, they need to go execute a plan, scrap together a game 6 win.

Ned Yost seems to be trusting destiny with his game 4&5 decisions.  Bochy is more of a make your own luck guy.  One can hope it keeps going that route for just a little longer.

Anybody seriously questioning whether Madison Bumgarner is a superstar or not is crazy.  But that's the Giants.  Workmanlike.  Blue collar.  How did they get so many good players?  So many team players?  What is the world like, in this informational overload era of ours, what is this success they're having?  I think it starts in the trenches.  With those hundred or so nameless scouts, just doing their thing.  Hope Brian Johnson and Pat Burrell have been doing their thing as well.

Go Giants!